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  • 1.9% ↓

    Avg. drop of HbA1c in 30 days.

  • 90% ↓

    Have seen reduction in sugar levels in 21 days.

  • 95% ↓

    Have eliminated insulin/medications in 60 days.

  • 3+ Kg ↓

    Avg. weight loss experienced in 48 days.

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  • 15 TSH ↓

    Avg. TSH drop in 21 days.

  • 40 ng/dl ↑↓

    Avg. T3 drop/rise in 48 days.

  • 98% ↓

    Have eliminated medications in 90 days.

  • 5+ Kg ↑↓

    Avg. weight loss/gain experienced in 60 days.

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  • 50 IU/mL ↓

    Avg. RF factor and anti-CCP values drop in 48 days.

  • 40 mm/hr ↓

    Avg. ESR rates drop in 21 days.

  • 90% ↓

    Have eliminated pain killers/medications in 96 days.

  • 80% ↓

    Have gotten rid from joint stiffness, joint swelling, fatigue and weakness in 21 days.

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Panchagavya Chikitsa

Ayurvedic formulations contain medicinal herbs treated with Gomutra, Gobar, Milk, Curd, Ghee - the byproducts of Native Indian Cows. These five byproducts combined together are called Panchagavya.

The Government of India has recognized this science of Panchgavya Chikitsa under the Department of AYUSH.

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  • Zero Chemical

  • Holistic Wellness

  • 100% No Side Effects

  • Sustainable

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  • Aligned with Naturopathy

    Treating you better with Vedic formulations referenced from 5000 year old Ayurvedic scriptures of Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita.

  • Healthcare that makes you smile

    Cut your life long bills and redefine your wellness while Panchagavya does not suppress the symptom but addresses the root cause effectively.

  • Fast, hassle free virtual care

    Free online Vaidya Consultation with Gavyasiddhas at the comfort of your home with periodic follow-ups from our expert team.

Say bye to your autoimmune problems

Consult with our certified Gavyasiddha therapists and get your personalized wellness solution for diabetes, thyroid or arthritis that has 100% no side effects.

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  • Amazing Experience.

    I’ve been following PENMAA treatment for my diabetes for a few months now, and I have been really satisfied with the experience!!!! I felt much better and confident after consulting with their therapist. My diabetes is almost reversed and I would recommend this to anyone.

    - Murugesh

  • Everything worked out!!!

    My thyroid is gone now!!!!!!!!

    I took the consultation for thyroid but I feel my entire system is functioning properly after following their recommendation. I believe there is some magic in gomutra. Thank you so much penmaaaa!!

    - Devika

  • Consultation that changed my life!!

    I thought I won't be able to consume the gomutra based supplements. But, the gavyasiddha was very patient in explaining the science behind panchagavya and motivated me to try for a month. I tried it out and I got rid of my knee pain very much. I am glad for taking up.

    - Madhu

  • Very friendly service.

    Could see the difference in a short time and I now believe that diabetes is not a lifetime condition. Great service as they don't hesitate to talk to you any number of times.

    - Arunachalam

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