Desi Cow Gomutra Benefits for Weight Loss

Though you may find it uncanny, Desi Cow Gomutra has a lot of therapeutic uses. Its history travels down to Panchagvaya Ayurveda, a classical health care practice that was followed in India for at least 5,000 years.

Before we explain how Desi Cow Gomutra can help you stay healthy and lose excess weight, we reckon it is right of us to help you understand Desi Gomutra Ark so you can connect the dots. 

What is Desi Cow Gomutra Ark?

The good and essential remains (distillation) of Desi cow urine is called Desi Cow Gomutra Ark. It is widely known for detoxifying and purifying the toxins in the human body. It creates a positive aura and cleanses the body from the top to the bottom. It possesses anti-bacterial properties that prevent the body from attracting harmful foreign particles, improves immunity, reduces fat, contributes to healthy weight loss, and monitors and controls the cholesterol levels in the blood. It prevents health loss. The antipruritic action soothes skin itching and worm infestation. 

Desi Cow Gomutra Ark gives a longer shelf life than raw Desi Cow Gomutra. From treating abdominal disorders to skin infections, Desi Cow Gomutra ark works wonders on the human body. Studies are showing that Oedema and ascites can be cured with Desi Cow Gomutra Ark. Unlike undistilled Gomutra, Desi Cow Gomutra Ark has no foul smell, and it can be consumed without second thoughts. It is most popularly known as cow urine distillate. 

By and large, in Panchagavya Ayurveda,Desi Cow  gomutra  is one of the best medicines available for treating obesity, heart diseases, weight loss, liver malfunctioning, and preventing health loss.

For those who find consuming  gomutra  disagreeable, you can consume Desi Cow Gomutra Ark from PENMAA. PENMAA’s Desi Cow  Gomutra Arka is a process where the impurities and odour are removed from the Desi Cow Gomutra by distillation. 

There is a wide range of Desi Cow Gomutra Arka available in different flavours, at PENMAA, that will treat specific health conditions. Each product is handmade and tested with the utmost care. The tonic can be consumed on an empty stomach every day to reap maximum benefits. 

Chemical Composition of Desi Cow Gomutra

Desi Cow Gomutra is 95 per cent water, and the rest is 2.5 per cent urea, hormones, minerals, 24 types of salts, and 2.5 per cent enzymes. Other components are nitrogen, iron, calcium, carbonic acid, phosphorus, ammonia, potash, sulphur, manganese, potassium, phosphates, urea, uric acid, amino acids enzymes, lactose, and cytokine.

Medicinal Properties of Desi Cow Gomutra

Desi Cow Gomutra Ark has the following medicinal properties.

  • Antipruritic is known to reduce itching and treat worm infestation.
  • Anthelmintic or vermifuge to kill worms.
  • Antiedemic to diminish oedema.
  • Nootropic to enhance cognitive abilities.
  • Bronchodilator to lessen airway resistance and thereby, boost the airflow to the lungs.
  • Antibiotics to impede the growth and destroy microorganisms
  • Cardioprotective.
  • Respiratory stimulant to enhance the activity of respiratory organs.
  • Digestive stimulant to improve digestion. 
  • Provides notable relief from dry and common cold, and mucopurulent cough and bronchitis.
  • Acts as a cough suppressor and its related chest pain.
  • Appetizer.
  • Hematogenic to boost blood cells formation.
  • Mucolytic.
  • Antiviral.
  • Antispasmodic.
  • Antihistaminic.
  • Antitubercular.
  • Anti-constipation.
  • Expectorant to promote easy secretion or expulsion of phlegm and mucus from the respiratory tract.

How does Desi Cow Gomutra work in weight loss?

As you are already aware, Desi Cow Gomutra consists of three main components: 

  • Urea - the end product of metabolism, 
  • Uric acid - a powerful antibacterial agent due to its high quantity of acidity 
  • several nutritional minerals - that are not properly digested by the animal. 

The vitamins A, B, D, E, and minerals like gold and creatinine, the common drugs recommended for healthy weight loss, are present in Desi Cow Gomutra . Besides, it contains numerous enzymes that aid digestion. When the enzymes and the vitamins amalgamate, it produces results that will aid in weight loss. The presence of copper irons in Desi Cow  gomutra washes away the fat and keeps control on the cholesterol levels, thus, leading to the eradication of obesity in the human body.

How to consume PENMAA's Desi Cow Gomutra Ark?

PENMAA has a wide Desi Cow Gomutra Ark for you to choose from. Based on the specific health condition that you want to treat, you can check for the products and consume daily on an empty stomach. The product is 100% natural and free from artificial taste enhancers and fragrance. Consume Desi Cow Gomutra Arka daily to flush the toxins from your body and live a balanced healthy life.