Gomutra Ark And Your Well-being! – What’s The Relationship?

Discovering the right intake for maintaining the overall health – at every stage of your life – is like dating. You get recommendations, you take some bold moves at times, you try them out, and sometimes you move on to other choices before committing to any. 

As shocking as it may sound, a small bit of advice here. If someone recommends you to supplement Gomutra for your wellbeing, just blindly go for it. After using it continuously, you will realize why this relationship was worth giving all your time.

Why is Gomutra such a big deal?

Ayurvedic experts believe Gomutra arka or  Cow’s urine is a panacea to most of the health problems – major and minor. It is an elixir of life for someone who has already used it and reaped its benefits.

It is loaded with medicinal properties like antifungal, antibiotic, anticancer, and bio-enhancers. It can be consumed raw or mixed with milk, ghee, curd, and tonics. AIDS, anaemia, diabetes, cancer, oedema, etc. are few of the diseases that are proven to be cured with cow’s urine.

Gomutra is a combination of 95% water, 2.5% urea, and minerals, 2.5% enzymes; and contains 24 different kinds of salts and hormones. All these concoctions constitute together to provide the human body with numerous benefits.

For those of you who find it unpleasant to consume it raw can have gomutra ark. Gomutra Arka is a process where the impurities and odour are removed from Gomutra by distillation.

For PENMAA, cows are on the pedestal. Each product is handmade and tested with the utmost care. One such excellence is Detox Vedic Shot. The tonic can be consumed on an empty stomach every day to obtain the benefits.

Six Surprising Benefits of Gomutra

  • Gomutra for skin: Rubbing gomutra on the skin will help you get rid of black spots, pimples, and dark circles. Overall, it will give you a glowing, blemish-free skin.
  • Gomutra for hair: You can add some gomutra to rinse your hair at the end. This will create lustre and make your hair healthy and shiny. Gomutra kills the fungi that produce dandruff, thus making your scalp dandruff free. Alternatively, you can replace raw gomutra with gomutra arka. 
  • Control diabetes and insulin sensitivity: The volatile fatty acids and vitamins in gomutra acts as antioxidants to control blood glucose levels. Regular consumption will improve insulin sensitivity, keep blood glucose levels at ease, and regulate antioxidant enzymes.
  • Fights cancer: Gomutra looks for free radicals in the blood and fights cancer caused due to oxidative stress. The antioxidant nature shields WBCs from dying and helps to boost immunity, thus preventing cellular DNA from damage and curbing the spread of cancer.
Besides, the anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce the side effects caused by cancer treatment – pain, irritation, swelling, inflammation, and other difficulties.
  • Fuels the immune system: Gomutra is an immune booster and increases resistance to diseases. It helps the body to fight infections and pathogens. 
  • Has a diuretic Effect: Gomutra is a perfect detox drink as it helps in cleansing the toxic grime in the blood and organs.

It can be used to treat UTIs and keep kidney troubles away. 

The Takeaway:

Nature has many incredible things to offer for the wellness of human beings. It is in our control to select the right thing to treat various diseases. One such proven product is the Distilled Tulsi Gomutra Ark (Detox Vedic Shot). It is excellent for flushing out the toxins and creating a balance in the body.