The Science Behind Panchagavya – How To Revitalize Your Entire Body And Mind?

Panchagavya is a Sanskrit word formed by two individual words – Pancha and Gavya. 

Pancha represents the number five, and Gavya is associated with the five sacred elements of our Desi Cow – cow ghee, cow urine (gomutra), cow milk, cow curd, and cow dung (gobar). 

Panchagavya means a five-staged healing therapy for the entire human body, including mental wellness. It detoxifies and cleanses the body along with boosting immunity, aiding proper metabolism, combatting dangerous bacteria, and flushing out toxins. Its Vedic wisdom stands tall from the other elements, and in Ayurveda, Panchagavya is the most preferred element to cure most of the inward and outward illnesses.

Its healing and detoxifying properties are commendable and can be consumed daily on an empty stomach to stay away from harmful things entering into the body. 

In India, the cow is revered and equated with a mother. And Panchagavya is such an elixir that justifies why the cow is worshipped with utmost devotion. 

The components of Panchagavya

In Ayurveda, every element that is used on human beings to consume and treat certain illnesses are mixed with utmost care and purpose. Panchagavya Ayurveda is no exception. It is a concoction of the following five things in the mentioned quantity.

1 part – Desi Cow Ghee

    • A2 Ghee is one of the best fuel that you can ingest to pacify your digestion. It builds up the internal juices and increases the strength of all bodily tissues, which otherwise are affected by ageing.

1 part – Desi Cow Urine

    • Desi Cow Gomutra is 95% water, 2.5% urea, and 2.5%, a mixture of salts, minerals, enzymes, and hormones. The bitter, alkaline tasty mixture contains carbolic acid that is known for its purity. Gomutra protects the heart and its related ailments and eases the urine flow, thus flushing out toxins from the body.

3 parts – Cow Milk

    • Desi Cow’s milk is considered potent for daily healthy living. It is rich in calcium, an essential ingredient for the formation of bones. Cow’s milk is recommended from infants to aged people.

In addition to the known benefits of consuming milk, cow’s milk protects the colon cells that cause cancer. It is very effective to prevent headaches, migraines, and reduces PMS symptoms during menstruation. 

2 parts – Desi Cow Curd

    • A2 Curd is a complete nourishing food and a rich source of protein, essential vitamins (Riboflavin, etc.), and minerals (Calcium & Phosphorus). It boosts the immune system, lowers high blood pressure, and pacifies bladder irritability encouraging smoother urine flow. It also improves and increases semen. Vaginal infections can be treated with  Desi cow curd.

½ part – Desi Cow Dung

    • Desi Cow dung, also known as Gobar is known for its purifying and beauty enhancement properties. The Desi cow dung can be consumed after several refinements to treat chronic ailments like sciatica, spondylitis, joint and neck pains, pimples, and to strengthen the muscles. It is a staple in most of the beauty products available today.

Each constituent of Panchagavya has unique healing properties. Besides, each element can also be used individually to treat the associated illnesses and also prevent them from affecting the future.  

PENMAA is an evangelist of natural ways of living. We believe in nature, Ayurvedic herbs, and natural products obtained from the Indian native breeds to detoxify and revitalise our health for healthy and productive living. Our foundation is based on original Vedic wisdom and recipes.

Panchagavya Ayurveda, the science of life has several benefits for modern living. We have mixed the five cow elements with nutrient-rich herbs in Vedic traditional methods so it can magnify your health benefits for the good. 

One of our flagship product is Panchagavya Wholesome Healer. It is a superfood that can be imbibed to your daily health routine. The ingredients are made with 100% – A2 Desi Cow Milk, A2 Desi Cow Ghee, A2 Desi Cow Curd, Gobar, and Gomutra. 

Panchagavya - An elixir to a healthy life

Panchgavya improves mental and helps manage physical disorders in the human body. It enhances your life by providing agility, boosting immunity, strengthening muscles, etc. 

  • It is a nutrition powerhouse 
  • It boosts and rejuvenates the mind.
  • It is used to treat neurological and psychiatric 
  • It possesses a lot of medicinal value. 
  • It helps with jaundice constipation, maintaining optimal weight, and digestion.
  • It detoxifies the body
  • It strengthens the brain, eyes, rectum, nerves, and other organs in the body. 

Every product crafted at PENMAA is built to target and improve the symptoms of various health concerns, external and internal. Our range is defined to make your lifestyle healthier while staying in sync with your routine.