A Modern Story of Indian Cows and Vedic Wellness

Discovered in the Vedas, rooted in India and handcrafted for balanced living, PENMAA shapes every product to highlight the importance of native Indian cows and Panchagavya Ayurveda. Inspired by our love for this ancient science and its impact on everyday life, our mission lies in imbibing the wisdom of old, and seamlessly blending rich, naturally occurring raw materials according to original recipes to enhance modern sensibilities.

Cows, revered as a mother in Indian culture take the pedestal at PENMAA. The nutrient-rich products we receive from the great Indian native breeds are losing their importance in the modern way of life. Our aliments wellness regimen and handmade products act as a reminder of the gifts these beautiful creations provide. Panchagavya, a science which fuses the tried and tested methods of Ayurveda with naturally obtained cow products such as Milk, Ghee, Curd, Gomutra (Cow Urine) and Gobar (Cow Dung), is our source for original, life-changing formulas.

Around the forest of Kerala, a serene place, rich in rare herbs, on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is where we herd our native Indian cows. The fresh air of this flora and fauna rich town keeps our four-legged friends happy, healthy and free. Guaranteeing the safety and quality of our craft, we ensure our raw materials are sourced ethically and locally from farmers. Free grazing, mothering cows provide the main raw materials. And the herbs are handpicked from our native environments.

Sustainable processes, handcrafted products and carefully selected ingredients provide results you can feel. Our formulas are curated to retain their natural properties and maintain their efficacy. At PENMAA, we believe a healthy lifestyle is a happy and productive one. On our never-ending journey of discovering ways to incorporate ancient wisdom into everyday living, we look forward to having you with us.

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We provide 100% no side effects holistic wellness regimen for diabetes, thyroid and arthritis.

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