1. When can I expect the results?

If the regimen recommended by our Gavyasiddhar is properly followed for at least 3 months, visible changes will be seen. One should continue to use after that too until advised since we have formulated the products to address the ailments at the root cause level.  

2. Are the products suitable for all with ailments?

We follow a zero chemical policy and 100% no side effect products and hence it can be applicable for all. However, we do not recommend some of the products for pregnant ladies. We strongly advise you to consult with our expert team before proceeding forward.   

3. Will there be any harm if I consume more than the recommended dosage? 

No, there will be no harm. We do recommend following the dosage as it is designed to meet daily needs.

4. What is special about the Panchagavya Wholesome Healer?

Panchagavya is made up of five ingredients such as Gomutra, Gobar, Milk, Ghee and Curd in a certain proportion. In Ayurveda Panchagavya is considered Serva Nivarani which means “ultimate solution”. When consumed daily it works well to ensure our body is kept in a healthy way. 

5. Can I consume meat and alcohol while I take my health supplements?

To gain the full benefits of our wellness regimen, we recommend avoiding meat and alcohol. 

6. Why does the concentrated smell of herbal gomutra increase over time?

Whenever the supplement comes in contact with outside air, mainly oxygen, the concentrated smell tends to increase over a period of time. But, be informed that the efficacy remains the same and one can continue to consume it. 

7. Are there any side effects when the health supplements are consumed? 

 There will not be any negative side effects. 

8. Can our health supplements be consumed by people with medical records?

People with any kind of medical records can consume.

9. Do we add preservatives and additives in our products? 

We do not add any external preservatives or additives in our products. We follow a zero chemical policy and we promise 100% purity.

10. Is Gomutra purified? 

Yes, we follow a two staged process to purify the Gomutra. We remove all the impurities from the Gomutra to ensure it is safe and premium. 

11. Is Panchagavya Ayurveda a proven remedy? 

 Patents held by a Government funded organizations are:

12. Do we use organic ingredients? 

Some of our ingredients are handpicked from our herbal garden and some are sourced from farmers. All though we do not have any organic certifications, the self grown herbs are organically cultivated. Hence we are organic by conscience and not by certification. 

13. When do we dispatch our orders?

We usually dispatch within 2 working days from the date of order. However, in case of demand it might take 3 to 6 days. 

14. Why do we charge extra for COD?

COD is a convenience for the buyers and hence our delivery partners charge extra for the service and so the additional cost for buyers opting for COD. 

15. What if I receive damaged or wrong products? 

Please mail to care@orrina.in or message to our WhatsApp number with your order ID, name and photos of the damaged product if possible. We will be happy to assist you. 

16. How are cows and farmers empowered with our order? 

PENMAA has tied up with a tribal community who takes care of Native Indian Mountain Cows. Sourcing of the ingredients yields them a good income which is used to take care of the cows. The cows in return help in agriculture which is of great assistance to the farmers.

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