Mr. Avijit For Diabetes


Our client Mr. Avijit aged 46 was suffering from a type 2 diabetic condition since 2019.

His HBA1C was 7.5 and he started intake of diabetic tablets doses but he was worried to depend on it lifelong.

Being fond of native brands and Ayurveda, He purchased ayurvedic herbal ghee from ORRINA and in a customer review call he came to know about PENMAA's solution panchagavya based permanent solution for diabetes and scheduled a consultation with our Gavya Siddhas.


Our analysis

Gavyasiddhas at PENMAA give utmost priority to analyzing the root cause of the ailments as it differs from person to person and we derive a customized treatment plan accordingly.

Our analysis includes the client’s lifestyle like profession, diet, sleep routine, dosha type, and mental health and provides a holistic solution for the root cause identified.


The root cause for the disease 

We at PENMAA believe that diagnosing the root cause of the issue is as important as diagnosing the issue. In this case, the client's food intake was not digested properly. 

We work on "WHY" methodology to identify the root cause. 

i.e. in this case 

1. Why type-2 diabetes?

High blood glucose level.

2. Why blood glucose level is high?

Insulin resistivity - cells don't respond well to insulin

3. Why insulin resistivity?

Improperly digested food added to the bloodstream

4. Why food is digested improperly?

Intake of food without chewing properly and overconsumption of junk or genetically modified foods.

The root cause in Mr. Avijit's case was fast eating without chewing the food properly which was addressed in our treatment plan


PENMAA wellness regimen

Our treatment includes providing panchagavya based food supplements like distilled herbal gomutra ark and capsules that repair the pancreas and balances the dosha. 

Also, recommend the diet and lifestyle change to address the root cause permanently.



We do a periodic review with our clients every 21 days to know the challenges faced by the client and validate the improvements on the chronic condition.



Mr. Avijit started our panchagavya based treatment with excitement as it was completely natural with zero side effects. In six months his HBA1c came down to 6.4.

He was very much happy with the results and transformed into an energetic person like 25 years old.


Free Gavyasiddha Consultation

We provide 100% no side effects holistic wellness regimen for diabetes, thyroid and arthritis.

Consult with our Certified Gavyasiddha Therapists and get permanent solution for your ailment.

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