Mrs. Devika For Hyperthyroid


Our client Mrs. Devika aged 69 was suffering from a hyperthyroid condition for the past 10 years.

She was administered hyperthyroid tablets every day from the time she got diagnosed. As years passed by implication of taking thyroid tablets started evidently. She was having difficulty in sleeping, became more sensitive, had mood swings, effects on creatine level, etc.

Her son Mr. Senthil who already had exposure to the alternative medicinal segment (AYUSH) was looking for a permanent solution with zero side effects came to know about PENMAA on surfing on the internet and scheduled a call with our Gavyasiddhas.


Our analysis

Gavyasiddhas at PENMAA give utmost priority to analyzing the root cause of the ailments as it differs from person to person and we derive a customized treatment plan accordingly.

Our analysis includes the client's lifestyle like profession, diet, sleep routine, dosha type, and mental health and provides a holistic solution for the root cause identified.


The root cause for the disease

We at PENMAA believe that diagnosing the root cause of the issue is as important as diagnosing the issue. In this case, the client was having calcium and vitamin D deficiency.

We work on the "WHY" methodology to identify the root cause. 

i.e. in this case

1. Why hyperthyroid?

T3 and T4 hormones secretion is high

2. Why T3 and T4?

Improper functioning of the thyroid gland due to calcium deficiency

3. Why calcium deficiency?

Pro-vitamin D deficiency, which is vital for proper digestion of calcium.

4. Why pro-vitamin D deficiency?

Less exposure to sun rays, which is an important source for pro-vitamin D.

The root cause in Mrs. Devika's case was diagnosed as less exposure to sunrays leading to calcium deficiency and it was addressed in our treatment plan.


PENMAA wellness regimen

Our treatment includes providing panchagavya based food supplements like distilled herbal gomutra ark and capsules that repair the thyroid gland and balances the dosha.

Also, recommended on the diet and lifestyle change to address the root cause permanently.



We do a periodic review with our clients every 21 days to know the challenges faced by the client and validate the improvements on chronic conditions.



Mrs. Devika started witnessing her benefits like being active, positive and feeling healthy from her second week of treatment. In 60 days her T3 and T4 secretion was balanced and in 90 days is she was completely out of hyperthyroid condition and stopped her tablet consumption.

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We provide 100% no side effects holistic wellness regimen for diabetes, thyroid and arthritis.

Consult with our Certified Gavyasiddha Therapists and get permanent solution for your ailment.

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