Mrs. Geetha For Arthritis


Our client Mrs. Geetha aged 54 was suffering from arthritis condition from the past five years. She was suffering from knee pain and could not climb stairs due to this. Her son, booked a consultation with our Gavyasiddhar to get his mother the Panchagavya Ayurveda's support. 


Our analysis

Gavyasiddhas at PENMAA give utmost priority to analyzing the root cause of the ailments as it differs from person to person and we derive a customized wellness regimen accordingly.

Our analysis includes the client's lifestyle like profession, diet, sleep routine, dosha type, and mental health to provide a holistic solution for the root cause identified.


The root cause for the disease

We at PENMAA believe that diagnosing the root cause of the issue is as important as diagnosing the issue. In this case, the client's frequent consumption of antibiotics was the root cause.

We work on the "WHY" methodology to identify the root cause.

i.e. in this case 

1. Why Arthritis?

Inflammation in joints .

2. Why there was inflammation in joints?

Auto-immune disease - Immune system mistakenly attacking our joint.

3. Why auto-immune condition? 

Non usage of released killer cells from the immune system. 

4. Why killer cells was not used?

Intake of anti-biotics dosage frequently, which kills the viral infection and leaving the killer cells released by our immune system unused

The root cause in Mrs. Geetha's case was overconsumption of anti-biotics which was addressed in our wellness regimen.


PENMAA's wellness regimen

Our treatment includes providing panchagavya based food supplements like calcium syrup to strengthen the bones, distilled herbal gomutra ark and capsules that detoxes the body, revives the immune system and balances the doshas.

Also, recommended diet and lifestyle change to address the root cause permanently.



We do a periodic review with our clients every 21 days to know the challenges faced by the client and validate the improvements on the chronic condition.



Mrs. Geetha was a little hesitant in the beginning but the magical knee pain relief from panchagavya pain relief oil made her take her wellness regimen in complete interest.

Now she is very active and completely relieved from joint pain in four months.

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