Our Founders

How It All Started

Our partnership began as classmates in VIT University and Toastmasters International, and we eventually became inspired by the Jallikattu Protest that took the world by the storm in 2017. We researched about Native Indian Cows and their importance in providing nutrition and holistic health benefits. We travelled across India for two years to learn about Panchagavya Ayurveda, organic farming and the different breeds of the cows. We felt a sense of immediate responsibility towards protecting the ancient knowledge of Panchagavya and delivering sustainable healthcare was our first step in doing it. 

Our Mission

Inspired by our love and importance for our Ayurvedic science and native Indian cows, we undertook a mission in imbibing the wisdom of our old to enhance modern sensibilities. Resigned from our corporate jobs and turned out to become a Gavyasiddhas (Members of Panchagavya Doctor's Association) and co-founded PENMAA with an aim to provide strictly zero chemical and preservatives-free Panchagavya Ayurveda treatment focusing on a permanent solution for chronic & lifestyle ailments.

Panchagavya Ayurveda is a holistic health solution with zero side effects to humanity. We also serve the tribal communities especially farmers who are taming the native Indian mountain cow breeds and trying our best to empower our Desi Cows through our business.

PENMAA's intent is to provide a holistic health solution to humanity and the protection of our Indian Cows. It aims to serve the tribal communities especially farmers who are taming the native Indian mountain cow breeds.

Founded in 2018, our pursuit of spreading awareness about the healing powers of Panchagavya Ayurveda along with the ethical treatment of Native Indian Cows drove us to create PENMAA.

Get To Know Us Better

 Gavyasiddhar Navaneeth V Ganesh

  • Panchagavya Chikitsa Practitioner (Reg. No. 090621/001)
  • Asia’s Record Holding Public Speaker and the receiver of Honorary Doctorate Award (University of World Records, London) for excellence in Public Speaking 
  • Post Graduate in Software Engineering and Finance

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Gavyasiddhar Aravindan Arunachalam 

  • Panchagavya Chikitsa Practitioner (Reg. No. 090621/002)
  • Amassed solid knowledge and experience in farming with an agricultural family background
  • Former Software Engineer with an industry experience of 5 years

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Our endeavour intersected with our purpose of creating a livelihood that saves Desi Cows from getting slaughtered. 

We integrated the culture of paying reverence to ‘Go Mata’ with truly sustainable and beneficial healthcare treatment and products for individual wellness. This integration supported and complemented the organic, cruelty-free movement that has positively impacted the buying patterns of conscious consumers.

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We provide 100% no side effects holistic wellness regimen for diabetes, thyroid and arthritis.

Consult with our Certified Gavyasiddha Therapists and get permanent solution for your ailment.

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