Our Role In The Vegan Movement


Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes any form of animal obtained products such as milk, eggs, and honey along with the basic exclusion of meat. Even products that are processed with animal derivatives such as wine are not considered vegan.

Why Veganism?

The main reason why people consider it to be a holistic diet is because of the exploitation and harm the animals are put through while manufacturing products. When it comes to dairy products these are some acts that make people reconsider opting for dairy products for health,

  • The cows are given hormonal injections to lactate all year long for 7 years after which they are slaughtered
  • The calves are separated from their mother on day 1 and bottle-fed with synthesized milk replacers to make sure every drop of milk secreted by mother can be utilized for human consumption
  • The cow is tied 24 hours a day and doesn’t have any freedom to move or to exercise their muscles
  • The cow doesn’t have any freedom to choose what to eat except for the basic feed that is fed to it with a sole motive to increase lactation, thereby depriving the cow of the necessary nutrients for a wholesome sustenance
  • Pregnancy happens by ‘Artificial Insemination’ and not by natural mating, thereby not satisfying the most basic urge and sense
  • Male calves are slaughtered as soon as they are born as they do not provide milk

PENMAA’s way of tending to cows:

‘PENMAA’s way’ is derived from the holistic approach depicted in the Indian Vedas and scriptures. It is clearly depicted in the ancient scriptures that cows played a very integral role in the development of the Indian civilization.

 The ‘Panchagavya’ obtained from it is revered to have numerous health benefits. We focus on how we obtain them and how we tend to our cows.

By understanding and inculcating the Vedic ideology – Ahimsa, which means, ‘to be harmless and inclusive to all life around’, has helped us to clearly understand what the cows need. By catering to the cow’s needs and keeping it complete in all possible ways, the derivative is completely free from any negative energy and is full of positive life force and rich in nutrients, thereby attaining the ‘Satvik’ status. To take the cow and its derivative to the ‘Satvik’ status, we follow the following practices:

  • No hormonal injections are given for lactation. Only natural herbal treatment is provided in case the cow has fallen ill.
  • The calves are let to stay and grow beside their mother throughout and can drink milk to their fullest whenever they wish. Milk is taken from a cow only after the calf has had its full.
  • The cows are left to freely move and graze the wild mountains along with its calf thereby getting the necessary exercise required. Only during night time, they are tied using a loose neck rope to avoid wandering in the wild as harm would befall due to nocturnal predators
  • The cows have absolute freedom to choose what it wants to eat in the dense forests, thus helping it get complete nutrition for a wholesome sustenance
  • Pregnancy happens only by natural mating with the bulls leading the herd
  • Male calves are treated equal and are allowed to grow to one day replace the bulls for procreation

PENMAA targets more of a Moral Veganism than a dietary one. Moral Veganism is an idea where one completely restrains from using even animal-based external products say for example leather. 

By encouraging the farmers to tend to cows as how it is depicted in the scriptures, we try to bring a socio-economic balance for them which in turn would result in the decline of the slaughter of cows for meat and leather.

‘PENMAA’s way’ is not an exploitative way but rather an ‘Inclusive Way’ to tend to cows for our own well-being. 

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