Our Community 

PENMAA has a mutually benefiting relationship with tribal communities of Kerala, who farm and take care of cows in a traditional way, close to nature. There is no place for artificial insemination, and other practises that harm the well-being of the cows. 
We duly pay for the raw materials that are directly collected from them, there is no middle-man. We are gladdened that our partnership has served as an economic benefit that enhances their livelihood. A part of the revenue is contributed to their community and welfare of the cows.
Our mutually beneficial partnership ensures that there is no compromise on the quality with the direct sourcing of raw materials. Commissions, which will otherwise be spent on middlemen, are saved to add a higher margin to the farmers.
PENMAA's model of 'Giving Back' to the community, enhances the standard of living, supports sustainability and establishes the protection of the Native Indian Cows, thereby allowing us to stay true to our mission of enhancing lifestyles.


Eco Friendly Ingredients And Packaging

At PENMAA, we use raw materials that are 100% organic, environment friendly and biodegradable for our packaging. We follow a “Zero Chemical Policy” both in our products and for the maintenance of our production unit.
Our product containers and bottles are made up of glass, metal foils and paper packs, allowing our packaging to be 95% sustainable and biodegrade-able. Even the paper we use for cushioning our packaging is recycled, shredded paper.
We aim to have 100% sustainable packaging by the year 2023. PENMAA is proud to have a small role in creating a circular economy for packaging and production, while extending their life cycle and usability.

Free Gavyasiddha Consultation

We provide 100% no side effects holistic wellness regimen for diabetes, thyroid and arthritis.

Consult with our Certified Gavyasiddha Therapists and get permanent solution for your ailment.

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