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Detox Vedic Shot (Tulsi Gomutra Ark)

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Common Names: Vana Tulsi Arka, Ark, Distilled Herbal Gomutra

Enriched with 24 minerals required by the human body, the Gomutra is collected from healthy Desi Mother Cows. Gomutra is distilled to remove the impurities and odour, which is otherwise called as Arka. It is great in eliminating toxins from the body and reinforcing a balance between the doshas. 

Vedic Wisdom

Ancient Ayurveda, considered Desi Cow urine to be sacred. According to the scriptures, it has the potential to protect us from all ailments. Gomutra has been known to contain Pran Shakthi(Life Force) and the Surya Shakthi(Sun energy). Both energies have the quality to nullify the harmful toxins in the body. According to Sushruta Samhita (ancient ayurvedic scripture), it alleviates Vata dosha, thus giving relief to most kinds of skin-related ailments. As it is understood nowadays that deprivation of nutrients is what is causing most of the health problems, our Detox Vedic Shot has all the nutrients, minerals and enzymes in balanced proportions, thereby helping the body regain its chemical balance leading to flawless well-being. 

Tulsi: Basil most popularly known as Tulsi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its diverse healing properties. In Ayurveda, it has tremendous spiritual as well as medicinal significance. 


Regulates secretion of thyroid hormones 


• Acts as a detoxifying agent and cleanses the blood
• Improves liver function
• It helps improve immunity
• Manages cortisol level and enhances thyroid gland functionalities.

How To Use

• Mix 10 ml of Detox Vedic Shot with 1 glass of water
• Consume it on an empty stomach as a supplement

CAUTION: The concentrated smell may tend to increase over a period of time, but the efficacy remains unaffected.


Gomutra, Holy Basil, Anise and Cumin

Why ORRINA's Distilled Gomutra is premium compared to others?



Gomutra obtained from rare Indian mountain breeds 

Gomutra obtained from common breeds like Gir, Tharparkar, Shahiwal and Kankrej, etc.

Gomutra is of satvik quality as the cows are made to freely graze in the interior forests of Kerala

May or may not be made to freely graze

Gomutra is rich in medicinal properties as the cows feed on rare and rich forest herbs that has Ayurvedic benefits 

Cows feed on grass or processed feed from factories 

Gomutra is collected from mother cows as it has the highest amount of nutrients

May or may not follow this principle 

Gomutra is collected in an hygienic method by taming the cows  

Not sure about the methods 

Collection and processing of the Gomutra is followed by a various vedic principles  Vedic principles may not be followed 

The purification of Gomutra involves a 2 staged process

Involves only a single staged process 


  • This product is eco-friendly
  • Since we have not added any fragrance to the product, it possesses the natural smell of our ingredients
  • Individual results may vary. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases